On The Move was envisioned in 1977 by Donna Yeager, President of Able Cable Productions (ACP), who then formed the company in 1988. Donna, a quadruple amputee, has been employed by Hewlett Packard since 1984 and is very active in many community activities. Her activities as a disabled advocate were the subject of San Francisco Chronicle and San Jose Mercury articles.

Donna was chosen the Disabled Person of the Year at the 1991 Celebration of Courage in San Francisco. She received the International Toastmasters Communications and Leadership Award and was honored with the Ripp Kidd Memorial Award in 1994 as the television personality whose programming made a substantial improvement in the community, the first such honor in the San Francisco Bay Area. She was nominated for the J.C. Penny Golden Rule Award and in 1996 was chosen to receive the Service to Mankind Award by SERTOMA International.

Donna formed ACP with a small group of people in the disabled community in mid-1988. Since then, ACP has grown to well over 100 members, all of whom are volunteers, and many of whom are physically limited. Very few of the ACP members have had previous experience with the technical production of television programs.


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